Ceramic inkwell by Galle


Ceramic inkwell by Galle



Ceramic inkwell by Galle (France 1880)

EMILE GALLÉ (1846-1904)



Description / Expertise

The shape of this inkwell was used several times, but always with different decorations. The more refined the picture and the drawing, the higher the price. This one has a very unusual design of a man working on his land and the sea behind him. Also finishing with gold enamel which was more expensive. The inkwell is complete with original containers and lids. One very small restoration on the top lid, just a few millimeters in the corner. Compare this inkwell to the ones in a book called: La ceramique de Galle , edited by the museum in Nancy and you'll see the difference. 


  34cm high (  13.39 inches high) 

Signed / Inscribed / Dated

Discount prize 1800 euro


Gallery Tiny Esveld
Frilinglei 9
2930 Brasschaat


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