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Charles Schneider

Schneider olive vase

Schneider rare poppy vase hand cut by wheel

Small Schneider pitcher 2

Charles Schneider pitcher with unusual handle

Red satin Schneider pitcher

Orange-red satin coupe Schneider

soft pink coupe bijou by Schneider

marbre pitcher by Schneider

Le verre francais with unknown Clematis flower

Le Verre Francais vase unknown pattern

Schneider marbre pitcher in orange

Le verre francais bowl with unknown decoration

Two extremely rare Le Verre Francais vases

Charles Schneider poppy vase 2

Charles Martin Hirshy Schneider lava glass sculpture

sculpture by Charles Martin Hirshy Schneider

Large poppy vase by Charles Schneider

le verre fran├žais vase begonia

Art deco Schneider vase with geometric design

Large coupe by Schneider

coupe bijou Schneider orange-blue

Small Laurier vase

Martin Hirshy Schneider Green abstract work

Violet coupe in degrade by Charles Schneider

Large coupe in smoke glass by Schneider

Large Schneider violet coupe

Rare gourd shape le verre francais

Ecaille vase by Charles Schneider

Charles Schneider ecaille vase round rose

Blue-green Schneider vase

le verre fran├žais vase with helianthus in an unusual color

Le verre francais vase coprins

Green vase with extra band at the top by Schneider

love vase by Charles Schneider

Large marbrine vase by Charles Schneider

Vase with 4 cabuchons made by Schneider

Schneider overlay vase

Schneider marguerites vase

Schneider coupe violet degrade

Rare purple coupe bijou by Schneider

rare coupe Charles Schneider

orange coupe by Schneider

Charles Schneider le verre francais vaporisateur garence vase

Charles Schneider coupe in rare shape

Rare Pavots hookah-narghilehs, waterpipe le verre francais

Le verre francais vase with chain pattern.

Large Nenuphar le verre francais vase

Vase Schneider with bronze mount

Charles Schneider book

glass made transparent book