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Le verre fran├žais ceiling lamp

Unique Charles Schneider lamp

Rare Schneider floor lamp art deco glass and ironwork

Schneider lamp 4

Schneider desk lamp with two shades

Schneider art deco ceiling lamp

Robj-Schneider perfume lamp

Impressive Schneider lamp

Charles Schneider veilleuse

Charles Schneider large lamp

Charles Schneider lamp2

Charles Schneider lamp 3

Veilleuse with Dahlia le verre francais

le verre francais veilleuse cats

Charles Schneider ceiling lamp

One Delatte wall light with iron support.

Daum veilleuse with bronze fitting

Wall lights by Charles Schneider

Argy Rousseau pate de verre veilleuse

Chinese pagode lamp by Daum

Schneider-Ranc chandelier-lamp 6 tulips glass-bronze