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Daum Nancy

Daum 1890

Daum thistle vase

Mimosa coupe by Daum Nancy

Square Duam vase with flowers

Intercalaire plaque made by Daum

Rare lava vase made by Daum in1900

Daum vase with impressionism vitrification forest

Daum flower vase

Daum impressionistic vase by Berge

Daum vase with impressionism vitrification

Daum vase with intercalair flowers

Daum yellow iris vase

Daum art deco pokal

Daum art deco vase wheel cut by hand

Daum art deco vase with orange applications

Daum art deco vase with tribal art design

Smoke art deco Daum

Yellow Daum art deco vase

Large Daum vase 1920-1930

Daum-Majorelle orange art deco coupe

Daum art deco vase with waves

Daum publicity cube

Daum blue lunaire art deco vase

Datum art deco green vase

Green art deco vase with handles

Large art deco mould blown Daum vase

Ovoid large Daum art deco vase

Very thick Daum art deco vase in green color

Daum Fassianos bust Kallisti 1

Roland Topor Daum France

glass made transparent book

Orchid vase by Daum France

Daum Art Deco Glass book