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Emile Galle

Emile Galle fire polished vase gourde shape

A ceramic pitcher by Emile Galle

Iris diabolo firepolished vase Emile Galle

Galle Chrysanthemum vase

Very rare red Galle vase

Galle waterlily vase

Galle soldier teatray

Galle vase with hydrangea

Galle vase with flowers

Etablissements Galle teabox

Two firepolished vases by Emile Galle

Galle wheelcarved vase with flowers

Galle firepolished vase with iris

Flattened gourde shape Galle vase

Emile Galle wheel engraved small vase

Two ceramic Emile Galle vases after an etching by Jacques Callot

Emile Galle ceramic parrot

Rare Galle flower shape vase

Emile Galle jardinaire

Emile Galle ceramic inkwell

Ceramic inkwell by Galle

Emile Galle cat

red-yellow round vase made by Galle

red-yellow pointed rose coupe by Galle

red-yellow vase by Galle

Etablissemants Galle bonbonniere

Kunst gesigneerd Galle

art signed Galle

glass made transparent book