Emile Galle ceramic inkwell The sea


Emile Galle ceramic inkwell



Emile Galle ceramic inkwell (France 1880)

EMILE GALLÉ (1846-1904)



Description / Expertise

This writing set or inkwell was made by Galle in 1880 by Saint Clement. He was so fond of it ,that he kept it for himself. It is a unique piece, museum quality . It stayed in Galle's family for all these years. Recently the last member of the family died and we had the chance to buy it. It is beautiful. Galle pictured his favourite subject, which is the sea, in this writing set. 
Small hippocampus and shells and a sea scenery. 39 cm long. 
One godet replaced. This inkwell was in the big exhibition about Galle in the museum of Orsay in Paris in 2004.There is a picture of it in the catalogue. 

The ceramic writingset has the sea as main theme. Galle was born in Nancy in 1846 and discovered the sea in 1870 when he was as a volunteer in Toulon. He was enchanted by the sea and the secret life under water. Shells and hippocampus were favorite subjects. On the writingset the lids are decorated with hippocampus. Algues decorate the side and between them, there are shells. The set is completed with a painting of a harbour scene. The set is made in blue and white ceramic and gold and blue painted. Signed E.Galle.Nancy. Made around 1880. When Galle took over his father’s factory in 1877, he changed the signature from Galle into E. Galle Nancy. He used this signature for about ten years. Later when he was famous he left out the E and Nancy. The writingset is a unique object that stayed in Galle’s family for all these years. It was exhibited on the big retrospective in 2004 in musee d’Orsay in Paris. There is a picture on page 34 in the book: Le testament artistique d’Emile Galle. 

Het inktstel heeft de zee als onderwerp. Galle is geboren in Nancy en heeft de zee pas laat ontdekt. In 1870 diende hij als vrijwilliger in Toulon en daar begon zijn fascinatie voor de zee. Een terugkerend onderwerp is het zeepaardje. De twee dopjes van het inktstel zijn versierd met zeepaardjes. Algen en schelpen versieren de rand van het wit –blauwe met goud verhoogde keramiek. Van achter is het gesigneerd E.Galle. Nancy. Rond 1880 in Frankrijk gemaakt. Toen Galle in 1877 de fabriek overnam van zijn vader, is hij gaan signeren met E.Galle. Deze signatuur heeft hij 10 jaar gebruikt. Daarna was hij zo beroemd , dat hij de “E” en “Nancy” wegliet. Het inktstel is een uniek exemplaar dat altijd in de familie is gebleven. Het is tentoongesteld op de tentoonstelling in het musee d’Orsay in 2004 naar aanleiding van het honderd jaar overlijden van Emile Galle. Afgebeeld in de cataloog: Le testament artistique d’Emile Galle, blz 34. 



39cm wide   16cm high (15.35 inches wide  6.30 inches high) 


Galle's grandson . 


Gallery Tiny Esveld
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Sales and New Year's drink in January. Gallery open on the 5th and 6th of January. And by appointment.

Sales and New Year's drink in January. Gallery open on the 5th and 6th of January. And by appointment.

Posted on: 2018-07-04

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