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Enormous Galle vase with blossom

Enormous Galle vase with blossom (France 1920)

ETABLISSEMENTS GALLÉ (worked 1904-1931)



Description / Expertise

Huge Galle vase in most spectacular colours and acid etching. Mint condition and beautiful shape. This is the second time in all these years I found such an exceptional vase. It will make the most difficult and precise collector proud to have this vase which is accurately etched and beautiful in all small details. The piedestal which is made in the Galle factory for their own purpose to expose vases is the best way to exhibit this vase. The proportions are just right. Nothing can be improved, it is like it should be, perfect. The price of the pedestal is announced in the furniture section. The museum in Nancy owns a same pedestal.


  60cm high (  23.62 inches high)

Signed / Inscribed / Dated